IV Drips Harrow

Give Your Body the Nourishment it Needs from the Inside Out

Our range of IV drips are designed to replenish, rejuvenate and recharge your body from within. Experience the finest in intravenous therapy to feel like your best self yet.

IV Drips - Este Hair Medical

How do IV Drips work?

Our IV drips in Harrow work by directly replenishing your body’s essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Ideal for people of any gender aged 25-50, these carefully curated blends are administered intravenously. This means they're introduced directly into your bloodstream through a small needle, bypassing the digestive system entirely.

IV Drips - Este Hair Medical
IV Drips - Este Hair Medical

What are the Benefits of IV Drips?

Enhanced Energy Levels

Our specialised IV drips are formulated to provide an instant energy boost, helping you combat fatigue and revitalise your body from within. Say goodbye to sluggishness and embrace a renewed vitality that lasts.

Radiant Skin and Beauty

Experience a visible improvement in skin health and radiance. Our IV drips are crafted to nourish your skin from the inside out, promoting a natural glow and supporting your beauty regimen.

Strengthened Immunity

A strong immune system is your shield against illnesses. With targeted nutrients in our IV drips, you can enhance your body's defences, potentially reducing the risk of falling ill.

Efficient Hydration and Recovery

Whether you're recovering from a rigorous workout, jet lag, or a bout of dehydration, our IV drips can efficiently rehydrate your body, aiding in a speedier recovery process.

Nutritional Support for Overall Wellness

Your body needs a balanced supply of essential nutrients to perform at its best. Our IV Drips deliver these nutrients directly to where they're needed, supporting your body's overall well-being.

Customised Solutions for Individual Needs

Tailored to your specific requirements, our IV drips offer fully customisable solutions. Whether you seek a targeted energy boost, a beauty enhancement, or immune reinforcement, our blends are designed to perfectly cater to your unique needs.

Convenient and Efficient

Our IV drip sessions are quick, painless, and administered by experienced professionals in a comfortable environment. It's a hassle-free way to boost your health and well-being without disrupting your daily routine.


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What to Expect with an IV Drip Treatment

When you book your free consultation, our experts will discuss your health goals, concerns, and any specific requirements. Once your chosen drip has been finalised, our experienced professionals will administer the IV Drip, ensuring the process is gentle, painless, and conducted with the utmost care. You'll be kept updated and supported throughout the session, allowing you to unwind and enjoy the experience
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We are incredibly proud of our customer feedback please read some of our testimonials below.

I have been coming to this clinic for the last year and a half, the treatments here are outstanding aswell as the customer service. I come to see Ida who has helped me and guided me to the best treatments for my skin, and it is a complete game changer I am soo happy to be treated by you and I would definitely recommend this clinic to my friends & family.

Nikki Nandra

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Excellent staff treat you like family. Very professional service. The best hair treatment in the country. Very high recommended.

Anzal Ali

via Google

The whole medical team was a joy to be around and couldn’t be in more comfortable hands. The procedure was quick, clean and very informative. Looking forward to seeing the results!


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I have been attending Este clinic in Harrow for a while now and I must give credit where credit is due. I have never ever seen such competent and friendly staff anywhere like I see here. The girls here make my day and I feel like my week isn't complete until I've seen them. They're all amazing but i see Ilayda, Ezra, Ida and Dilyana on a weekly basis and they are more like my sisters rather than staff who are treating me.

Shabz S

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Recently I had my laser removal procedures with Dilyana and she was extremely professional and friendly! I highly recommend their services!

Valentin Petrov

via Google

The laser treatment they offer is a game changer! Dilyana is the best, so professional and knowledgeable! The whole team are very friendly and nice! I will recommend always!

Jason Bennison

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IV Drips - Este Hair Medical

Frequently Asked Questions

What conditions can IV drips address?

At EsteHair, our IV drips are highly versatile and can be tailored to address various concerns. They’re commonly used to boost energy levels, promote skin health, support immunity, aid hydration, assist in recovery from physical strain, and provide overall holistic wellness support.

Are they safe?

Yes, absolutely. At EsteHair, our range of IV drips are performed by professionals who prioritise the highest possible standards of hygiene and your treatment outcomes above all else.

How long does an IV drip session take?

Typically, IV drip sessions can last between 30 and 60 minutes. The duration can vary based on the specific IV drip formulation and individual needs.

Will I feel anything?

IV drip treatments are generally painless. Some individuals may feel a mild sensation during the insertion of the needle, but discomfort is minimal. Many clients find the experience relaxing and might even experience a sense of rejuvenation during or after the session.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects from IV drips are rare. In some cases, minor discomfort such as bruising at the needle site or temporary light-headedness might occur. These effects are generally short-lived and mild, and we will discuss any potential side effects in more detail during your free consultation.